UL PVC Wire in stock

UL PVC Wire in stock 1.Physical performance a銆?/span>Excellent mechanical properties b銆?/span>Excellent thermal stability c銆?/span>Low temperature soft good performance d銆?/span>Good flame retardancy e銆?/span>Of high resistance to chemicals f銆?/span>Chemistry

UL PVC Wire in stock 1.Physical performance a銆?/spanExcellent mechanical properties b銆?/spanExcellent thermal stability c銆?/spanLow temperature soft good performance d銆?/spanGood flame retardancy e銆?/spanOf high resistance to chemicals f銆?/spanChemistry stability is good b銆?/spanGood resistance to high temperature of the engine fluid j銆?/spanExcellent resistance to impact ability 2.Electrical Properties a銆?/spanElectrical insulation good b銆?/spanGood the dielectric properties 3.Processing properties a銆?/spanUsing the hot extrusion processing b銆?/spanCan be twisted pair and multi-core c銆?/spanGood processing properties Harness d銆?/spanHarness processing process good compatibility e銆?/spanAccording to UL standard design 4.Environmental protection a銆?/spanROHS/REACH compliant Should be used General commercial, electronic electric appliance and equipment instrument internal connections. Reference UL758-2010, UL1581-2009 Outline Wire structure description 1. Conductor: Tinned /Bare copper; 2. Insulation materials: PVC Insulation; Appliances with internal 锛孨o more than 90 鈩?temperature of conductor occasion Rated temperature: 90鈩?Rated voltage:600V modelSIZE AWGConductor structure (No./ mm) 卤0.005Conductor resistance 20鈩冿紙惟/Km锛?/pConductor diameter (mm)insulation thickness (mm)Overall diameter (mm) average valueMin valueaverage valueTolerance 10248168/0.2542.2303.801.141.026.10卤0.15 10105/0.2543.543.卤0.15 1265/0.2545.642.361.141.024.64卤0.15 1441/0.2548.961.881.141.024.16卤0.15 1626/0.25414.601.501.141.023.78卤0.15 1816/0.25423.卤0.15 2021/0.1836.700.951.141.023.23卤0.15 2217/0.1659.400.761.141.023.04卤0.15 Stranded conductor single diameter tolerances卤0.005mm; Solid conductor diameter tolerances卤0.01mm. Marking: E211048 AWM STYLE 1024 NO.AWG 90鈩?600V VW-1 PVC QIFURUI c AWM I A 90鈩?600V FT2 -LF- Sae color series * STOCK COLOR CHART 00-BLACK01-WHITE02-RED03-YELLOW04-GREEN 05-BLUE06-BROWN07-GREY08-ORANGE09- VIOLET Package *PACKAGE Part No.Packing- Ft/roll 8~10AWG鈻?500Ft鈻?1000Ft鈻?2000Ft 12~16AWG鈻?500Ft鈻?1000Ft鈻?2000Ft 18~22AWG鈻?500Ft鈻?1000Ft鈻?2000FtUL PVC Wire in stock website:http://www.3f-electronics.com/pvc-wire/ul-pvc-wire/


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